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2018 Presentations: The following presentations listed below in blue have been provided with permission from the 2018 PDC Speakers. Please click on the link below to download the PDF presentation. We are still collecting presentations from speakers and will post them here as we receive them.

Monday Opening Keynote - Beyond Compliance - Gary Higbee
Tuesday Opening Keynote - Game Day: 4 Principles And Practices For Accelerating Performance - Mark Hernandez

1A - Best Practices In Vendor Pre-qualification - Chandra Reimond
1B - Safety Engagement And The New ISO Standards - Dennis Downing
1C - Smart Phone And Internet's Impact On Safety, Health And Effective Communication - Gerry Luther
1D - Hurricane Harvey - Lessons Learned - Mike Narvaez

2A - Don't Forget About Me: Fall Protection In General Industry - Paul Serafini
2B - Safety Excellence For The Middle Manager: Practical Tactics To Involve Operations Leaders In Your Safety Journey - Todd Efird
2C - How To Make Your Safety Meetings Suck Less - Matthew Herron
2D - Practicing Risk Management Instead Of Safety - Jeffery Ansel

3A - Tips And Techniques For Doing An ABC Analysis Of Behavior - Terry McSween
3B - The Real Cost Of Safety - Richard McElhaney
3C - Risk-Based Process Safety - Mark Hansen
3D - Results From Safety Professional Survey On Wellness Programs - Jennifer Laine

4A - Recovering Leadership: Creating Healthy, Purposeful, And Energizing Workplace Culture - Thomas Hill
4B - Establishing An Operational Safety Culture Through Influence - Denis Baker
4C - Evidence-Based Heat Safety Management - Brendon McDermott & Raymond Towne
4D - Risk, Reliability & Root Cause Analysis - Mark Galley

5A - OSHA Recordkeeping Expectations: Everything You Need To Know - David Rowe

5B - Safety First "Not" - Why Safety Management Systems Are Good For Your Business vs. Mediocracy - Doug Rush
5C - Using Video In Safety - Rachael Bays
5D - Your Guide To World Domination As A Part-Time Safety Consultant - Paul Serafini

6A - Safety Expectations Vs Reality In The Manufacturing Industry: Where The Breakdown Occurs, And How To Remedy It - Doug Wilmsmeyer
6B - The Lost Art Of Schmoozing - Mark Hansen
6C - A Practical Response To Workplace Violence - Damon Shodrock
6D - Data Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, And Automation – The 3 Pillars Of Next-Gen Health & Safety Performance - Gregory Monzo

7A - Emerging Trends In Industrial Workforce Compliance - George Perrett
7B - Data In A Safety Driven World - Ron Byrd
7C - ANSI Z244.1-2016 Alternative Methods For A Safe Lockout Tagout Program - Brian Sebastian
7D - Risk Informed Decision Making - The Foundation Of Safety Excellence - Matt Brunton

8A - Going Out On Your Own - 3rd Edition - Joel Tietjens
8B - The Ethical Dilema Of "Business Ethics" - Donna Rynda
8C - Occupational Driving Safety Programs: The Missing Link In Most Safety And Health Management Systems - Lisa Robinson
8D - Transportation Innovations, Legislative Updates And Accident Prevention - Robert Byrnes

9B - The 6 Characteristics Of Winning Teams - Mark Hernandez
10A - Leadership Game - Everything Rises And Falls On Leadership - Denis Baker
10B - The Missing Link In Risk Assessment - Danny Smith